TOP TEN TUESDAY: Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want To Visit (whether fictional or real)


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toptentuesday2This week, we’re looking at the top ten places I want to visit because of books! That’s a fantastic one for me because many of you know…I LOVE TO TRAVEL! And it is true that I have traveled many places because I first “encountered” that place because of a book. I wanted to stick to places I haven’t been yet (though I know I could have included ones I have!), and this was actually a little difficult for me because I have been lucky enough to travel to so many places…including PRINCE EDWARD ISLAND, which is where one of my favorite books of all times, Anne of Green Gables, it set. Needless to say, I had so much fun compiling this list for this week’s #TOPTENTUESDAY.


  1. The Night Circus (The Night Circus)

This is completely fictional and I suppose it is a place that “travels” and is not in a set geographical location, but I would love to visit the official “Night Circus.” It would be amazing and enchanting–and all the delicious food described in the book is reason enough to visit.


  1. The Island of Guernsey In Britain (The Guernsey Literary Potato Peel Society)

After reading this book and learning about the history of the island, especially during World War II, I am definitely planning a visit here.


  1. The English Coast (Windfallen)

Seaside towns in England?? Though I lived several times in England, I still haven’t explored enough of its coast, so this is on my list for a future upcoming trip. I read this book earlier this year, so especially appreciated Moyes’s descriptions of the seaside.


4.  The Place where the Lost Thing Ends Up (The Lost Thing)

If you haven’t read this gorgeous picturebook by Australian Author/Illustrator, Shaun Tan, you really should. There is a short animated film of the book. There’s a place where all the “lost things” end up, and it’s an utterly whimsical space that I certainly would want to visit. You’ll notice the space is in utter contrast to the drab world that the protagonist inhabits.

tiger lily

  1. Neverland (Tiger Lily)

Who doesn’t want to travel to Neverland and meet Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, Tink, and Tiger Lily?


  1. Tuscany in an Italian Castle (The Enchanted April)

I have traveled to Italy multiple times but I haven’t explored the Tuscan countryside nor have I stayed in a castle like the one the group stays in in the book, The Enchanted April. This is on my list to do, and those of you that know me know much I love this film and soundtrack!


  1. Narnia (The Chronicles of Narnia)

You better believe I’m putting Narnia on this list because I wouldn’t miss a trip to this extraordinary land for the world!


  1. Romania (The Historian)

I love Central and Eastern Europe, but haven’t yet been to Romania. I read this book years ago, shortly after it came out, and it reminded me that I still need to explore this part of the world. I’ll definitely avoid vampires though.


  1. Inkworld (Inkheart)

I would love to visit Inkworld!! Maybe Cornelia Funke and Disney can work on a theme park together…..


10. The Brittany Coast of France (All the Light We Cannot See)

If you haven’t read this new historical novel set during WWII, and you enjoy that kind of fiction, do check this one out. I’ve been to France, but not to Brittany, and not on its coast. The descriptions in this gorgeous book are enough to motivate me to plan a trip.

So many fabulous places to go!! Were any of these on your list? Where are you planning a trip that has been inspired by a book? I love this subject so do share in the comments!!