Review Policy

At Spirit of Children’s Literature, I review children’s literature, young adult literature, and occasionally, books for adults. I’m really interested in how these books reflect the spirituality of life. My definition of spirituality is fairly broad (see the post–The Spirituality of Children’s Literature) but I like to discuss books in terms of this concept. I also like to think about how these books might work alongside language arts curriculum.

I’m open to these genres, particularly within Children’s & Young Adult:

Fantasy, Science Fiction
Historical Fiction
Nonfiction (Children’s & YA)

I normally do not accepted self-published work, unless I have a connection with the author or have worked with him/her before. Acceptance of a request will be based on time and interest in the story.

I review books in these formats: egalleys, ARCs, galleys, finished copies, and audiobooks.

My reviews will be posted on this blog and GoodReads. I will tweet about reviews as well as reading progress. If you would like a review posted elsewhere, such as Amazon or Barnes & Noble, please let me know.
  I do not accept/receive monetary compensation for our reviews.

I strive to provide honest, respectful feedback that will give readers (and non-readers) a plethora of good book choices.

Contact me!

Email review requests to: teachingbeyondthebooks (at)



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