Educator’s Corner

Check this page for ideas and thoughts about how to engage young readers with the texts that we talk about on the podcast. We may even share teaching tips for books we don’t mention on the podcast, but that show up somewhere in our blog. This page will be of particular interest to those of you that are interested in how you as educator or parent might engage children with these books in ways that encourage their spirituality.

Not every teaching blog speaks to that aspect of the child, but the spiritual dimension of the reader is something WE (Catherine & K.L.) are very interested in as educators and writers! We look forward to reflecting on and sharing with you our thoughts, activities, and experiences of engaging children and young adults with these books in ways that nurture their spirituality. And, certainly, we have no doubt that those of you adults that enjoy reading children’s literature will also recognize ways your own spirituality is engaged as you read these amazing books.


3 thoughts on “Educator’s Corner

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