Welcome to Spirit of Children’s Literature

“What child unable to sleep on a warm summer night hasn’t thought he saw Peter Pan’s sailing ship in the sky? I will teach you to see that ship.” -Roberto Cotroneo, When a Child on a Summer Morning

Welcome! I’m Katie, your guide on a journey behind the books of children’s literature…

The world of children’s literature is a rich and diverse one, and for this blog, the term “children’s literature” encompasses literature intended for ages 0 all the way up to 18. Though we often use the term “young adult literature” to discuss fiction for teens, I recognize that children’s literature broadly can include both picturebooks and novels for young adults.

I know that the group of texts that make up children’s literature is huge. I know there are hundreds of thousands of titles we might explore. To make it even more mind-boggling, there are thousands of new titles published in the English language for children and young adults every year. That’s not counting titles published in other languages or even self-published e-books. I might not be able to review every single one. But I do plan to read and talk about quite a few.

I’m certain the journey will not be dull. And I’m looking forward to hearing from you via your comments and questions and suggestions. Join me as I explore the Spirit of Children’s Literature!


One thought on “Welcome to Spirit of Children’s Literature

  1. As a kid lit author, I have to say I love the emphasis of this site! I’m now following, and I’m looking forward to the listening to the podcasts and reading future posts on spirituality in children’s literature. Wishing you both great influence and much success! God bless you.

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