Top Ten Fun Events in 2014 for Katie!

toptentuesday2This weekly meme is hosted by The Broke and Bookish, as usual. If you participate, do include your link on their page, so other bookish people can find you!

This week we’re meant to post our Top Ten Resolutions for 2015—bookish or otherwise.

I have plenty of resolutions I could post, but I started to think it would actually be much better for me to post ten fun things/accomplishments from 2014—they weren’t all necessarily resolutions, but I’m sensing the need to look back on the year and note what I did accomplish so I can be thankful for that before I jump into my resolutions for 2015.

So I hope you enjoy hearing a little more about my year! Some of these ARE bookish, so I was excited to share.

  1. I attended my first Writer’s Conference in Portland Oregon in March. It was fantastic! I normally only attend academic or children’s literature conferences, so this was a treat. I even met with an editor to get feedback on a nonfiction book idea.


  1. I stayed for the first time at a LITERARY BED AND BREAKFAST on the Oregon coast! I was in the Emily Dickinson room and there was a library on the 4th floor with a view of the ocean. It was divine!


  1. I started an online art class with Kelly Rae Roberts—one of my favorite mixed media artists. I’m still working on paintings I started in the course, but I was really excited to jump into something new that I found out I LOVE!


  1. I spent two weeks on Cape Code with one of my best friends in June/July. Even though I was teaching online, I had an amazing time enjoying the beauty of the cape.



  1. I went to Disneyland three times! Ok, part of that is because I have a cousin who works there, and my other cousin lives down the road from Disneyland. It’s one of my favorite places, so this definitely made my year a brighter one…and being able to hang out with family made it even more special.

  1. Even though I didn’t get funding to go to Athens, Greece for the Child and the Book conference in April, someone graciously presented my paper for me, which was on time travel and spirituality in children’s and young adult literature. I was bummed I couldn’t be there because my grad school advisor and several friends were there, but maybe next year!


  1. I did get to go back to London in September and stay with my very dear friends for a little over a week. You may know that I lived in the UK before and there are so many people there I love to visit. It was perfect.


  1. I taught THREE classes in the summer. It was a lot, but it was helpful financially. I still can’t believe I’m alive and able to tell the tale of teaching that many classes in the summer, but here I am.


  1. Because I taught those three classes, I presented a paper at an Education Conference in Jerusalem after my stopover in London. It was a conference about early childhood education, children’s spirituality, and creativity. It was amazing! I spent almost three weeks in Israel—mostly in Jerusalem. It was my second trip to Israel—earlier in the year I had no idea I would be able to make a second trip that soon.


  1. The Over 30 Book Bloggers Group was born!! I have loved chatting over e-mail and twitter with the ten or so ladies over 30 who love all things bookish. They are all encouraging and beautiful, inside and out, and their friendship is a great source of community for me in the book blogging world.


  1. I must add one more—I put all my stuff in storage and after traveling abroad temporarily moved to Cape Cod to focus on writing (Also job searching!). I was able to stay with some wonderful people I met through my best friend, and had a ball spending time with them. I taught one less class so I could focus on revising a book I’ve been trying to finish. Still working on that, but was able to get a lot of writing done, and hopefully 2015 will see the conclusion of that.

Let’s be honest—I could add more, but just writing these eleven has been a good move for me as I take stock of the year and think about 2015…I think it’s always a good idea to look back and consider all that we did accomplish even if it feels like we didn’t get to the things we thought we would. I know I can think of a handful of resolutions I didn’t get to, but that’s ok. That’s what New Years are for!

What are some of your fun accomplishments for 2014? I would love to hear!



19 thoughts on “Top Ten Fun Events in 2014 for Katie!

  1. Katie, this was so much fun to read and look at! You’ve done a LOT, my dear! 😀 I’m glad you went to your 1st writer’s conference. They’re the only kind I know and love. And I totally would love to stay at the Literary Bed and Breakfast. How amazing that must be! I have a friend who lives in Cape Cod and just loves it there. Disneyland (World) is a sweet spot for me. I’m a Disney fanatic and have been my whole life 🙂 London and Israel sound amazing (Israel would frighten me, though 😦 ), and is that a bench that’s made to look like an open book?!!! I’m glad you found your art class, and certainly your Book Blogging Buddies! 🙂

    As for me, I never look at anything by year except when I have to figure something out that has to do with “when” and “how long,” etc. I also don’t do New Year resolutions since I try to do resolutions all year long lol To me, each day is a chance to start something good or create a goal 🙂

    My years are always filled with a variety of things, good and bad. As far as the good in my writing life, I’ve met even more people through our writer events, plus loads through Twitter and blogs. I got submissions out and rejections back (still have two to hear from), but have yet to be doing the writing I want to be doing (on my novels). I hope that’s coming some time soon 😀

    • Donna, thank you! I always appreciate your thoughtful comments on my posts. I’m looking forward to attending more writer’s conferences this year. I especially want to get more involved with SCWBI. It’s funny because there seem to be a lot of writers living on Cape Cod. There are quite a few wonderful indie bookstores as well that I love exploring.

      I’m not surprised to hear you’re a fan of Diseny! 🙂 Yes, that is a book bench–they had a period of time in London when they had these benches all over London. All of classic books/authors! You would be surprised at how safe and welcoming Israel is–of course the parts I have visited are all very safe. But I know it can see scary!

      I agree with you about doing resolutions all year long–I love having that ability. I’m reminded of Miss Stacy from Anne of Green Gables, enoocuraging her that tomorrow is another day with no mistakes in it. 🙂 I can’t wait to hear more about your writing and how that process is going. Will have to stop by your writing blog! It sounds like there are some exciting times ahead for you, and so good that you’re meeting people through Twitter and blogs. If you ever have a Twitter chat with any of your new blogging/Twitter friends, let me know–those are always such fun events. 😀

      • Just the mere mention of Anne of Green Gables makes me want to watch the PBS movie again 🙂 And I do think Israel must be a wonderful place for so many reasons (I’d love to visit all that’s biblical), but it’s the ongoing unrest that creates the fear 😦

        As far as the Twitter chats, the one I attend virtually every week is on Tues. nights, 9pm EST: #kidlitchat. Can be a lot of fun AND informative, depending on the topic. If you’re at all into illustration, there’s also #kidlitart on Thurs. nights, also at 9pm EST, and for sure, I would think you’d love the #sharpschu book club which meets once a month. You can get an idea of the books they highlight and the authors and illustrators who attend:

        And DEfinitely attend more with SCBWI and when you do, be SURE to volunteer for something—ANYthing! Trust me on this. You experience it on a totally different level than when you just attend 🙂 And please do stop by the blog. I’m hoping I’ll finally get to the point where I’m posting the type content that was my intention when I launched but have only touched upon so far!

      • Thanks for all those tips and the info about the Twitter chats. I’m going to try to join in–sounds fun. I definitely would want to volunteer with SCBWI events–thanks for the encouragement with that. It’s time for an Anne of Green Gables re-watch–I may have to do that this weekend! 🙂

  2. What amazing adventures you have had! Thank you for sharing these. I started my blog in 2014, so that was exciting for me, although I didn’t often get away from my desk. : )

    • Thank you, Lory! I’m excited about your blog and all that you are doing with that, and starting a blog is such a magnificent thing! I hope you do get a chance to get away this next year, and looking forward to all that will come out of your blog! 🙂

    • Thanks, Sarah! 😀 Yes, I have seen some wonderful places this year–I was thinking that literary bed and breakfast would be perfect for an Over 30 Blogger’s Getaway. But maybe we can find one not too far away for everyone. 🙂 xoxo

  3. An amazInfo year for an amazing woman! I look forward to seeing some of your art work, as well as all that 2015 will bring your way!

  4. Oh my goodness, Katie, these pictures are stunning. That bed and breakfast??? I wish I could go through the computer right into it. I’m speechless! It sounds like you had a fantastic year, and I can only hope that one day I’ll be able to travel as much as you. I hope your 2015 is just as awesome. ❤

    • Thanks, Danielle! I think you would LOVE the bed and breakfast–I wish I could plan a blogger’s retreat there–it would be perfect. They have a Shakespeare room, an Agatha Christie room, and an even a Dr. Seuss room! It’s pretty cool. You should plan a trip somewhere in the future, even if it’s a year or two down the line. 🙂

  5. What a fun post, Katie! Such a positive way to reflect on the past year. We don’t always accomplish all that we want to each year, but if we look we may have accomplished more than we thought! What a great year you had with lots of traveling. Awesome!

    May 2015 be a wonderful year for you!

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