#AtoZchallenge: “Z” is for Markus Zusak & Farewell!!

Book burnings. A narrator named Death. World War 2.

Markus Zusak wrote one of my favorite books: The Book Thief, which was recently released as a film last fall. I include The Book Thief as one of the required novels for the Freshman Composition class I teach, and as a whole, the students usually fall in love with the book. I don’t know how many times I have read the novel, but I cry every time.


If you haven’t read the amazing novel, set during World War II in Germany, you must go out and get it now! The reading experience may take some adjusting–it is narrated by Death, which can seem strange, but it works. The story follows the journey of Liesel, who is sent to live with a couple in Molching, Germany, during the war, and the narrative traces the development of new relationships, book stealing, adventures, and of course…learning to read. I do think there is something for everyone in this story, and I recommend it all the time.

Zusak has a website here.

You can also check out The Book Thief on GoodReads.

Zusak has written other books, and I still need to get to his other work! One of my goals is to read I Am the Messenger before the year is finished.

And so ends the A to Z Blogging Challenge. And it was quite a challenge! How did it go for all of your A to Z bloggers? Any books beginning with Z that you enjoy and or authors whose first or last names begin with Z?




3 thoughts on “#AtoZchallenge: “Z” is for Markus Zusak & Farewell!!

  1. Right off, I can’t think of a single book or author beginning with Z. But, thanks to your advice, I’m now really looking forward to reading The Book Thief. Thanks!

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