#AtoZchallenge: “Y” is for YOUR Favorite Book (Giveaway from The Midnight Garden!)

What’s your favorite book? Or, like most people, do you have several? One of my favorite childhood books (and it’s still one of my favorite as an adult) is:

Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

image001 (1)

Montgomery’s spirited heroine entranced me from the start of the story! I turned the pages as fast as I could to see if Matthew and Marilla would allow Anne to stay at Green Gables, even though she wasn’t a boy. I saw myself and my best friend in Anne and Diana, and cringed as Anne brought her slate down on that annoying boy, Gilbert’s, head. Anne’s adventures and mishaps kept me entertained, and they still do. I went on to read the entire series, and I still re-read the books as an adult. Then, there are other wonderful gems by Montgomery to read, such as Emily of New Moon, A Tangled Web, The Blue Castle, and Magic for Marigold (to name a few).

The beautiful descriptions of P.E.I. in Anne and Montgomery’s other books keep me returning to them again and again. I won’t ever get tired of Anne. When I finally made it to Prince Edward Island several years ago, it was even more gorgeous than I had imagined. I can’t wait to return.

The Midnight Garden is having a discussion of Anne of Green Gables and they are hosting a fabulous giveaway of the Anne books, with their new covers by Source Books. Go check it out and enter the contest!

What’s your favorite book? Do share–I would love to hear!


5 thoughts on “#AtoZchallenge: “Y” is for YOUR Favorite Book (Giveaway from The Midnight Garden!)

  1. If I had to choose just one, it would be Emma. That’s my all-time favorite book. My all-time favorite YA book is Absolutely True Diary of a Part-time Indian. Not sure I have an all-time favorite kid’s book, oddly enough. There are just too many I love! My own childhood favorites were Russell Hoban books (esp the Frances series and the Little Brute Family) and everything Laura Ingalls Wilder. I regularly reread Hoban and Wilder, though I will say that now the Little House books are definitely a mixed pleasure for me, because I am very disturbed by the racism. (Totally lost on me when I was a child–and totally lost on all the adults who shared those books with me.)

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