Top Six Books to Read If You Like Books Set in Hotels! #AtoZchallenge: “X” is for Xenodocheionology–Love of Hotels

Today’s word for the A to Z challenge is Xenodocheionology–a word we all use most days–“love of hotels.”

I do love hotels actually–in real life and in books. As a child, when my family was moving, we stayed in an Embassy Suites Hotel for about two weeks while housing was sought. I thought it was the best thing–I could go swimming, visit a gift shop daily, and eat a made to order breakfast every morning! I still find myself delighted whenever I have the chance to visit a hotel. A recent visit to a literary hotel (in truth, a B&B)Ā  earlier this spring reminded me of the importance of “getting away.”

I recently read The Archived, which is set largely in a hotel. A hotel that may be haunted. Check out that book by Victoria Schwab if you enjoy a good YA mystery. There’s also a sequel.

What other books are set in hotels?

Another favorite of mine is E.M. Forster’s A Room with a View. I visited Florence, Italy for the first time last year–in March–and I couldn’t help but carry around my copy of the book as I saw the sights of the city. I wanted to feel like Lucy Honeychurch as she explored. However, in my case, I used the novel as my “baedecker.”


Those who enjoy Agatha Christie might think of At Bertram’s Hotel (Miss Marple, #11) . Then of course there’s The Haunted Hotel by Wilkie Collins.Ā  I love Collins’s work, especially The Woman in White and The Moonstone but I haven’t read his hotel story.


There’s the contemporary novel, Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford. The Mystery at Lilac Inn, Nancy Drew #4 is another one we can’t forget, especially for those fans of Carolyn Keene and her female detective!


What books set in hotels do you recommend?



12 thoughts on “Top Six Books to Read If You Like Books Set in Hotels! #AtoZchallenge: “X” is for Xenodocheionology–Love of Hotels

  1. This is a great post. I feel like reading all those books now. I’ll have to tell this word to my mother because she definitely is a person who loves hotels more than the average person.

  2. I haven’t read “Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet” but I’ve long loved the title. Other hotel books … One of the Lawrence Block Bernie Rhodenbarr books is set in a B&B/country hotel type of thing — “The Burglar in the Library.”

  3. My Tuesday Top Ten X was lists, so hotels most definitely count! (I was too stumped trying to think of a movie or tv show…. I mostly watch Buffy and Firefly on perpetual repeat and then sports. But I wasn’t very inspired by a list like “Top Ten Books for People Who Like Football.”) Anyway, I love learning new words, so thanks for your post! I also love hotels, but I have to say, I’m struggling to think of other books set there. Makes me think I should write one!

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