#AtoZChallenge: A is for Apple Pie Perfect, A Cookbook by Ken Haedrich

A children’s and young adult literature blog that shares cool cookbooks too? Why not?!

I’m participating in the A to Z Blogging Challenge for the month of April, and you can imagine that many of my posts will be concerned with books. Some may concern other topics, but regardless, it shall be an adventure!

A is for Apple Pie!

Apple Pie Perfect, to be exact.


It’s a cookbook by Ken Haedrich, who wrote the mammoth tome, Pie, which is also excellent.


Apple Pie Perfect is a collection of 100 recipes for Apple Pie, and I can attest that this cookbook is a must-have for any avid pie baker. I don’t usually review cookbooks on the blog, but I am considering making this a regular feature.

As a baker who loves to make pies, cakes, and other desserts, I have tried a handful of Haedrich’s recipes already, including several of his crust recipes (he includes a whole section in the beginning of the book). In addition to a section on Apple Pies of Fall and Winter, there is the chapter, “Apple Pie on the Fringes” and “Apple Pie in a Jiffy.” The book includes a section on all the different types of apples for baking pies. I loved the apple pie made with honey and appreciated the apple butter pie as well.

The section on summer apple pies is not to be missed—I now regularly bake a blueberry apple pie.

In closing, it seems that there could be a spiritual aspect to the art of pie baking…and of course pie sharing with dear family and friends.

Happy Pie Baking & Happy A to Z Blogging!




4 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge: A is for Apple Pie Perfect, A Cookbook by Ken Haedrich

  1. Apple pie cures just about any childhood ailment, as far as I’m concerned. I remember getting over a cold or after having gotten a cut or a scrape, and my mom would make pie, and apple pie was always one of the favorites. I always felt better after eating a nice, warm piece just our of the oven. Thanks you for sharing. I shall enjoy reading through.
    Silvia @

    • I agree with you! Even now, there is something therapeutic about having a slice of apple pie, or for me, even baking an apple pie. I am amazed at how many variations there are with this classic recipe. 😀

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