Top Ten Books on My Spring TBR Pile


This weekly meme is hosted by The Broke and Bookish. Some of these books aren’t out yet, and some have been out for awhile. What do they have in common? I must read them!

Spring is a beautiful time of year, so grab a book from your own TBR pile and go read some place that you love. I recently returned from a getaway to the coast, and I can’t tell you how fantastic it was to sit reading in the library of a Bed and Breakfast, overlooking the sea. I hope this Spring Season will abound with many more such reading moments!

Night&Fog_jkt cvr

Prisoner of Night and Fog by Anne Blankman

This one isn’t out yet, but I’m really looking forward to it. I love historical fiction, especially books set during WWII, and the premise of the story sounds like it will be set apart from other novels set during the period. After all, the protagonist’s uncle is Adolf Hitler!


Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

I love The Wizard of Oz! So, any kind of Wizard of Oz re-working is something I must read ASAP. I’m intrigued by the idea that the Dorothy of this world may be different than the Dorothy of Baum’s world that we know well.


The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan

My housemate devoured this book by Jordan in several days, and hearing her talk about it definitely piqued my interest! I love fantasy, and this is the first in a series of “epic proportions” as some Goodreads reviews have implied. I’m looking forward to diving into this one!


Scarlet & Cress by Marissa Meyer

I absolutely loved Cinder! Who doesn’t love the idea of a cyborg Cinderella? I’m excited about reading Scarlet and Cress and expect to meet characters that are just as unforgettable as Cinder.


Finnikin of the Rock Melina Marchetta

I saw a reference to a fantasy series by Melina Marchetta over at The Midnight Garden, and promptly hunted down the first book, Finnikin of the Rock. I read a lot of fantasy, and I’m surprised I haven’t read this series yet.


My Life in Middlemarch by Rebecca Mead

As an English major, I read and studied several of George Eliot’s books, and think Middlemarch and The Mill on the Floss are must-reads for anyone who loves 19th century British literature. This book by Stead includes reporting, biography, and memoir, and illuminates how Mead’s own life was affected by her reading of Eliot’s classic, Middlemarch.


Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope

I’m always game for a British 19th century classic, and this spring is no exception. I haven’t read much Trollope, and I’ve been meaning to. One of the questions posed in this story is: Who is Alice going to marry? One must also ask this question—who could resist a novel featuring characters with names like Plantagenet Palliser and Burgo Fitzgerald?


Pioneer Girl by Bich Minh Nguyen

I won this book in a giveaway from The Pretty Good Gatsby, and can’t wait to read it this spring. In this story, the protagonist returns home after failing to find a job as a recent Ph.D. She ends up making a discovery that there is a link between her family and an heirloom said to belong to the family of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Described as a “dazzling, literary mystery….” This is definitely my kind of book!


The Invisible Girls: A Memoir by Sarah Thebarge

I heard the author speak at a recent writer’s conference in Oregon, and immediately went online to look at the memoir she wrote. Thebarge’s book is based on her own life and her meeting of a Somali woman and her five daughters while riding public transport in Portland. The book is described on Goodreads: “Poignant, at times shattering, Sarah Thebarge’s riveting memoir invites readers to engage in her story of finding connection, love, and redemption in the most unexpected places.”


The Lost Apostle: Searching for the Truth about Junia

by Rena Pederson

How many people know there was a female apostle mentioned in the New Testament in the Bible by Paul? Possibly not many. This book is about the author’s search for Junia, whose name, in some translations of the Bible, was changed to that of a man’s. I am very interested in the depiction of women in the Bible, as well as how contemporary understandings of women in church leadership are shaped by such women as Junia in the Bible who held important roles of leadership.

I am very excited about reading all these books this spring, and am already gaining inspiration by checking out other Top Ten Tuesday lists!




13 thoughts on “Top Ten Books on My Spring TBR Pile

  1. What a nice mix you have! Much as I love Victorian literature, I had never heard of Anthony Trollope, until a few months ago. Now he turns up everywhere! I’ve added He Knew He Was Right (I recently watched the mini-series), and Framley Parsonage (the plot was borrowed for my new favorite Tooth and Claw by Jo Walton) to my general TBR.

  2. I really want to read the Rebecca Mead book. And I love the cover of Pioneer Girl. Think I’ll be getting that one too. Lately I have been trying to motivate myself to read more classic literature. I read voraciously, of course, but I also think I’m a bit lazy in my reading. I only want to read easy, immediately engaging books! I am losing my stamina for engaging with more challenging reading.

    • I definitely think you would be the kind of reader to appreciate My Life in Middlemarch and Pioneer Girl. We will have to compare reactions! I know what you mean about being lazy–I would read so many classics in the past, and I want to get back to that. Maybe we need to come up with some kind of challenge! 😀

      • I like the idea of a challenge! My PhD is in Restoration and 18th Century British Lit…. and I don’t think I’ve read anything from that time period since I defended my dissertation! My career has gone in a different direction. I would like to at least occasionally read some more challenging literature, though.

      • Wow–that’s awesome! I bet your dissertation was really interesting. I agree with you about needing challenging literature, and as I recently moved and unpacked my books, seeing all the classics made me think I need to get back into some of them. And, I love the idea of discovering new classics I might enjoy, such as the Trollope novels, and there are some Dickens books that I have been meaning to read for ages. It would be interesting to see if other bloggers would be open to this kind of challenge for spring..

  3. Oh my goodness, you need to go read Scarlet and Cress right now! If you enjoyed Cinder, I can guarantee you’ll love the next two installments in The Lunar Chronicles. Somehow Marissa Meyer is capable of making each book better than the one before–a true feat! And yes, you will meet some AWESOME characters.

      • The Lunar Chronicles is one of my favorite series! We’re actually quite a bit obsessed and did a huge blog celebration for the release of Cress.

  4. OK – how did I miss this? We have a ton of overlap, as usual! Dorothy Must Die, Cress and Finnikin are all on my really MUST read this season list. I want to read Prisoner of NIght & Fog but at the same time, it terrifies me. Hah!

    That last book you mentioned also sounds super interesting. I hadn’t heard of it before and am excited!

    • I’m so glad you liked my list! It was fun to post this Top Ten Tuesday! It’s inspiring me to really stay on top of my spring reading because there are so many great titles. I also have a bit of trepidation about Prisoner of Night & Fog–I’m sure it’s going to be intense!

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