Top Ten Tuesday: Rewind–Top Ten Childhood Faves

toptentuesday2 This Tuesday is a Rewind. That means bloggers can choose any of the past Top Ten Topics for today! There were a lot of topics I could have chosen, but I realized picking my Top Ten Childhood Favorites would be appropriate since I read and review so much children’s literature (in addition to YA). It’s hard to keep it to ten, but here is my attempt. You will also see that I’m cheating a little by including series, but what can I say?!?

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Anne of Green Gables

Anne Shirley is undoubtedly one of my favorite heroines, and her antics and adventures living with Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert in Avonlea were the cause of many re-readings of this early 20th century classic by L.M. Montgomery. I can never read the Anne books too many times!


Watership Down

My father introduced me to the rabbits of Watership Down such as Hazel and Fiver with a cream-colored hardback by Richard Adams. I loved this book and now have two more paperback editions of it. Who can resist reading about the journey of these rabbits to find a place to settle in the English countryside?


The Magician’s Nephew (The Chronicles of Narnia)

I ate up all of the Narnia Chronicles, but I especially fell in love with the story that started it all. I was fascinated by what happened when Polly and Digory touched those rings, and were transported to another world. My mother, who studied in her 20s in England, had all the British paperback editions of these books, but she happened to own a hardback of The Magician’s Nephew. I can distinctly remember lying on the couch reading this book, and imagining what it would be like to travel to Narnia!


The Secret Garden

I read about Mary Lennox’s journey to Misselthwaite Manor multiple times, and every time I was in awe anew at the way she discovers the “secret garden.” I never get tired of reading about Dickon and Colin and the way the beauty of the natural world transformed the characters in the story.


Bread and Jam for Frances

It’s funny how children are drawn to certain books over and over again. This is how it was for me with this book. I was fascinated that Frances asked her parents to only serve her bread and jam, but eventually she just wanted something other than bread and jam! Lillian Hoban’s illustrations are wonderful, and how pleased I was by the end when Frances could eat all the good food she had been missing!


Hitty Her First Hundred Years

I loved my dolls as a girl, and this classic about a doll who is over one hundred and tells the readers all about her adventures was a winner. I adored reading about Hitty’s many travels and tribulations. I even created my own “doll movie” with my dolls, based on the story of Hitty. I just found a newer adaptation of this story with illustrations, and I may just have to get a copy.


The Wizard of Oz
by L. Frank Baum

As a child, I owned many of the Oz books, and after reading and watching the film of The Wizard of Oz, I wanted to know about other characters Baum had written books about. However, the one we know the most is the story I was always drawn back to—and I even staged my own performance of The Wizard of Oz with my dolls. I think the videotape is lying around somewhere.


The Baby-Sitters Club

So, here is one of my cheats and my confession that I read series books right alongside the classics. I loved The Babysitter’s Club! I ate those books right up, one after another, and whenever a new book came out in a Scholastic Book Order, you can be sure I ordered it. The girls in the club knew how to run a successful business and I was endlessly interested in their lives, even following their adventures in the Super Special editions!


Nancy Drew

Who wouldn’t want to follow Nancy Drew as she solves mysteries, whether it be with the secret of the old clock or the hidden staircase? As I read those books, I knew I was being trained for all the mysteries I would encounter when I was Nancy’s age.


Choose Your Own Adventure

I have to admit, I still enjoy reading these books as an adult! Who wouldn’t enjoy the chance to read a book and choose which way the story might go? Sure, sometimes you die, and sometimes things don’t work out the way you want them to, but you can always start over! The fact that there were so many different books in the series was fantastic.


11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Rewind–Top Ten Childhood Faves

  1. I loved The Baby-Sitters’ Club! The books were always a lot of fun, and I loved sinking my teeth into them. Nancy Drew books also played a part in my childhood!

    This is a great list! 🙂

    • I can’t wait to check out your list too! I think you’re right–picking series is probably completely fine for this challenge. I see people do it all the time for other lists, so I’m glad I’m not alone. 🙂

  2. I remember liking the Babysitter’s Club, but I loved the Boxcar Children series. And now that I think about it, I don’t believe I’ve ever read a Nancy Drew book!

    • I almost listed The Boxcar Children as my 11th choice! I still have all my Boxcar Children books and my Babysitter’s Club books. This post makes me want to re-read the first Boxcar children story… 🙂

  3. Oh my gosh, this is my FAVORITE of all the Top 10 lists I have read this week! I adore Anne, Narnia, Mary Lennox, and Nancy Drew, and I specifically love that specific Frances book! So much so that when I did events for Barnes & Noble way back in the day, I hosted a Bread and Jam for Frances story time. We had jam sandwiches, of course. 😀

    The only book/series I haven’t read is WATERSHIP DOWN. Isn’t that nuts? I should try to read it sometime. I mean, RABBITS.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

    • I am so happy to hear we have many of the same favorites! 🙂 That Bread and Jam story time sounds like so much fun–what a great idea. Just blogging about this book made me want to have bread and jam. You should definitely check out Watership Down one of these days! I would be excited to hear what you thought! This list was just too much fun! 😀

  4. Russell Hoban’s Frances books were my favorites when I was a child. I think my very favorite was Bedtime for Frances–I had a lot of bedtime issues as a child, so I think my mom read and reread that one to me nearly every day in the hopes that I would heed the lesson and go to sleep! I also had a set of the Nancy Drew mysteries that I read and reread. Bread & Jam with Frances holds up really well; the Nancy Drew mysteries, not so much! Watership Down is on my all-time favorite Top 10 list for sure. I can start to cry just thinking about the ending of that book!

    • I think a lot of adults have histories with the Frances books–and they are still so wonderful for children today. I have some of my Nancy Drew, but read many more than I own, so would eventually like to locate those books as well and add them to my library. Yes–Watership Down is wonderful, but emotional for me too!!

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